The Importance Of Self-Assessment In Education

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Education is, by its nature, a never-ending proposition. It continues long after formal schooling is completed, and in today’s society, students are overwhelmed with constant information and stimulation, and they need to be taught strategies they can use to learn and retain the unrelenting information to which they have access. It is becoming increasingly difficult to impress upon students the importance of good learning habits. Teachers need to find ways to develop these habits over time so that students are prepared to enter not only the next step in their education, but also their eventual careers and life paths. One step successful teachers can take is to model and teach to the students the process of self-assessment or self-evaluation. Self-evaluation or self-assessment is a process by which an individual student evaluates the academic progress being made.
Students need to be taught that learning is a process, and they need to have a mindset of growth in place so that they understand that that failure and learning from errors is an essential step. Self-assessment can provide students with the tools they need to develop good learning strategies that can be applied to various aspects of their education, as well as other areas of their lives. A student’s mindset can play a pivotal role in their academic achievement, and learning techniques of self-assessment may be able to lead students to gain a higher self-efficacy, which could, in turn, lead to higher academic success.

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