The Importance Of Self Awareness

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Self- awareness as defined by De Janasz, Dowd & Schneider, 2015 is "knowing your motivations, preferences, and personality and understanding how these factors influence your judgment, decisions, and interactions with other people" (p. 5). Good leaders are thought of as those who are able to understand others around them but more importantly those who have the ability to understand themselves and their own emotions. Therefore, knowing ones' self could be crucial for any leader or individual as in this way, they will be able to identify their strengths and shortcomings and take corrective action where necessary, in order to constantly enhance themselves. Personality tests such as the Myer Briggs type indicator, social styles and emotional intelligence…show more content…
The implications of this idea can be exemplified by the way in which some individuals such as myself, require time to themselves in order to be more efficient and productive when completing tasks and do not tent to thrive under group situations as dealing with many other individuals can be distracting or overwhelming when trying to be productive. However according to business coach and author, Nancy Ancowtz (2009) this quality can also be useful in most instances as introverts tend to collect all important pieces of information and devote a certain amount of time to reviewing these using an internal thought process before making carefully calculated decisions that are "grounded in research"(Extracted from Leadership tips for introverts by Courtney L. Vien.; pg 47), thus making them an asset when dealing with "sophisticated tasks" and which include "most managerial and professional jobs" D., Chauhan, S., Chauhan; Personality at workplace (2006) pg 365 volume 41, no.3. Yet Cortney L…show more content…
McCaulley (1987) suggests that whilst sensors are more likely to implement solutions that have been successful in the past individuals who are intuitive may prefer to analyse the relevance of facts, study the "relationship" amongst the facts and imagine all "future possibilities" in order to come up with "original solutions" rather than proceed, using previous ideas. Furthermore, Anne Fields, Harvard Management Communication (2003) suggests that thinkers require solid evidence when trying to form opinions and justification through facts is vital when trying to communicate ideas. However, both of these contradictory characteristics of an intuitive and thinking personality coexist simultaneously within my behavioural and though process as I always tend to look beyond the facts and see the bigger picture when trying to form an opinion on a certain issue but also have a habit of ensuring that my ideas are still practical and logical before communicating them with others. Having both personality characteristics, allows me to add value in group situations in terms of proposing ideas that require "long range thinking" (Fields A. 2003), but also being able to eliminate opinions that severely lack evidence as although concepts are usually formed before

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