Self Awareness In The Workplace

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Self- awareness as defined by De Janasz, Dowd & Schneider, 2015 is "knowing your motivations, preferences, and personality and understanding how these factors influence your judgment, decisions, and interactions with other people" (p. 5). Good leaders are thought of as those who are able to understand others around them but more importantly those who have the ability to understand themselves and their own emotions. Therefore, knowing ones' self could be crucial for any leader or individual as in this way, they will be able to identify their strengths and shortcomings and take corrective action where necessary, in order to constantly enhance themselves. Personality tests such as the Myer Briggs type indicator, social styles and emotional intelligence…show more content…
Yet Cortney L Vien. also highlights that introverts who are "modest by nature" might struggle to promote their ideas or show their value in the workplace and could be overlooked or disregarded for not instantly contributing in to discussion, often making it harder for them to have their innovative ideas or simply have their opinion on a certain issue noticed by others. In order to avoid such complications when entering the workplace, I plan on making the most out of the opportunities given by the university to improve my ability to work with others by actively participating in group activities by voicing my opinions, by making myself aware that with more time I will have the opportunity to further develop my initial suggestions therefore deviating from my initial temptation to only voice out ideas that have been fully articulated. In this way I will be able to give myself the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of being an introvert but also to ensure that this trait does not interfere with my future plans for success. As well as being categorised an introvert, it was also revealed that I was an intuitive, thinker by nature which meant that I was open minded and creative yet still logical and unbiased when
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