The Importance Of Self Care

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On a daily basis I am reminded of the importance of taking care of myself. Work, family, friends, and pets demand time and take my energy. I wrote this book to help others who feel like they could be taking better care of themselves. Self-care is accessible to anyone and doesn 't have to take up a lot of time or money. It is all about finding what works well for you. This book will help you discover what aspects of your life need more care or where you already are great at nurturing yourself. This book will teach you how to introduce or supplement more self care into your life. Why should we "do" self-care? 

 We should "do" self-care because when we take care of ourselves we are our best selves. When we are
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If the first few times you try this, you feel like saying “I’m just not doing it right!” or “I don’t get anything out of this!”, then remember this: your mind is just like any other muscle -- the more you practice a certain pattern, the better it will get at it. The only thing that will get in the way of this natural progress is judgments like “I’m not doing it right!” In the following chapters you will be given a 21-day guide to adding more self-care to your life along with a lengthy list of self-care practice ideas. With this arsenal of self-care information you will be able to ‘treat yo’self’ regularly. Chapter Five: 21 Days to a Self-Care Lifestyle
Over the next 21-days you will be slowly introducing self-care into your life. This program is great for those new and experienced with self-care. Day 1 starts you off with small and eventually grows so that a daily practice of time for yourself is a natural fit to your lifestyle. Self-Care is all about you. So, if you find that some of the practices do not work for you, and then you can check out the master list of self-are practices listed in Chapter 7. Create your own 21-day plan with your favorite self-care practices. Print out and take notes as you go along. Section A: In Home Retreat Plans
Day 7: In-Home

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