The Importance Of Self-Directed Learning

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In this paper, we are going to discuss on self-directed learning and how it can improve employee performance in an organisation. We are living in a knowledge society which demands high productive standards from an employee. Generally, employees perform better when they see value in the tasks they are performing. Employees are expected to know how to seek and apply knowledge and information. Additionally, they are expected to be creative, flexible, confident, good team players and able to solve new problems. Those who are able to follow standard procedures and probably the most efficient workers, but do not fit the bill in the present time, organisations are looking beyond these minimum requirements. The contemporary society and organizations…show more content…
This is very critical for the accomplishment of the organization’s goals. Self-directed learning can save significant costs for the learner and the organization, since learners figure out how to help themselves and each other with practical and convenient materials. Self-directed learning can build worker adequacy in their roles as they gain from their own work encounter and apply their learning in their work environments (Chien, 2004, p. 286). Employees equipped with an embedded knowledge, help reduce costs considerably, of hiring consultants or specialists. As overhead costs are reduced, organisations increase profitability with quality products or services. Promotions may be a factor influencing employees to participate in self-directed learning, however, learners should not expect to be rewarded extrinsically. Self-directed learning increases learner’s abilities and competency, which is both beneficial for the organization and the learner’s personal…show more content…
It examined parts and commitments of self-directed learning from an individual and organisational point of view. Self-directed learning may be inherent for some and while for others self-directed learning is a skill that will surface with time and requirements of the job nature. SDL is a survival skill for the future. Learner should be responsible for their progression and acquire as much information and knowledge as possible. With several avenues to embark on self-directed learning journey, leaner should take the initiative to decide on the most suitable progression path, with high degree of discipline and will power. SDL, not necessarily confined to academic knowledge but it lies with diagnosing the interest or requirement of the learner. As an employee, one should be on a competitive advantage over others and this is possible when an employee is continuously acquiring new knowledge and skills. It is an apt way to remain employable with the current challenges faced in the working world. On the other hand, researchers all agree that the support of an organization plays a very important role in self-directed learning. Human resources and development (HRD) should review and explore the needs of self-directed learning. HRD should adopt and implement a learning organisation. Ultimately, being a learning organisation, advantages both the

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