Essay On Allegory Of The Cave

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In today's society us individuals tend to suffer from the past because we are scared or worried to step into the future. Individuals are frightened for what is going to come they think they are not ready for obstacles or challenges that they will face, they have to be motivated or pushed by someone in order for them to get going they need a boost. People who are self educated or even self enlightened should not just do it for themself they should benefit from it and also other people,the people that need that little boost the ones that need someone to help motivate them to start moving on to the future rather than being stuck in the past and in their old lives. People that can not self motivate themselves need help from people that have been self enlightened. In today's history many individuals adjust and teach themself specific knowledge to help struggles throughout their society. In these two articles “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato and “Prison Studies” by Malcolm X both show how one…show more content…
But just as in the article “The Allegory of the Cave” malcolm did not only self educate himself but lots of african muslim individuals also became a leader of islam. He went into prison and left a new person, he used all this knowledge and education not only for himself but to help others. As stated in the article “About Prison Studies”,“Malcolm X essentially used education for the advancement for political and civil causes.” This quote shows that Malcolm X’s purpose and goal was always to help others he knew he was going to come out of prison a changed man for the better good, he knew he was going to add a change into the society and help individuals and lead
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