The Importance Of Self-Government

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The constitution consists of some primary principles. Briefly explain the following principles and their significance in shaping American government. • Self-Government: Self-government involves a system whereby the people of a country rule themselves and control their internal affairs (Vile, 2015). The principle of self-governance ensured that the US could govern itself without influence from the British colonialists or the Monarch in England. The principle of self-government provided the basis for republican governments and democracy in the United States. • Separation of Powers: Separation of power in the Constitution provided that the government should be split up into different branches to avoid concentration of power on one central leader. This power was distributed between the Legislative Branch, also known as Congress, the Executive Branch, which consists of the Presidency, and the Judicial Branch. Each branch was given its specific powers and responsibilities. Therefore, the separation of power was included to limit the powers of the government. • Checks and Balances: The Constitution provides for checks and balances among different branches of the government to ensure balance. The framers of the Constitution saw it fit to divide power within the federal government to avert concentration of power on one man or group. The Constitution thus gave each branch of the government power although with a number of constitutional restraints in which it can check the operations

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