The Importance Of Self Identity

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America is often referred to as a melting pot. America is great, it is free, it is diverse. But then again, America is racist, it is prejudice and is full of racial tension. This is what people view America to be versus the reality of what it is when you are a minority. Growing up in America it is difficult to run from your ethnicity and your race. Culture builds up the way you view your world and your reality but then again, culture is shaped by your ethnicity and your race. Everyone has a different experience through these three things and essentially create their self-identity. While self-identity is malleable and relates to the experiences with culture, ethnicity, race, everyone has this life question of "who am I and what makes me, me?". As a Hispanic minority, I see the importance of race, ethnicity, and even religion can affect how I identify myself, and how others view me. When it comes to self-identity the first aspect is culture that comes to mind is family. In a racial context, the Hispanic community finds importance in familial values and connections. Growing up family time was essential and friend time was optional, any and every holiday was a family party and was not questioned. I feel that many Hispanic values are similar when it comes to family, I believe it correlates with the immigration to a new country and the yearning for a comfort in a new foreign place. Although Puerto Rico is technically the United States, because it is a US territory, it is still
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