The Importance Of Self-Image In Early Childhood

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We create self-image throughout our whole life. However, cornerstone on which all of us are building self-esteem is between early childhood and adolescence. During that period of time children begin to think diffrently than before, to open their minds and question themselves: ''Who am I really? What others think of me? What is my opinion of myself? Why I do what I do? What make me happy? What makes me sad''? By asking these and other questions and seeking answers, kids are trying to understand themselves better. By creating a self-image, children simultaneously form the framework for the way of experiencing the world around them and the way they communicate with it. By entering to middle childhood (from 6 to 12 years) children feelings towards themselves are changing. Self-image is becoming more complex and refined. They begin to realize that they have unique characteristics and qualities. In order to gain insight into developmental changes in self-image, researchers often ask children to answer the question: "Who am I"? While pre-school children describe themselves in terms of physical characteristics and situations in which they are in, in-school age children in the description starting to include some less visible features, such as…show more content…
If children is accepted, respected and commended for what it is, it will start to accept both positive and negative sides of own personality, and will be able to develop appropriate self-esteem. However, if parents and other people who are important to them belittle, insult, blame and reject, children will develop negative attitudes towards themselves and low self-esteem. This process begins in the early school age, and the feedback of self-worth and acceptance of others, especially peers, are becoming more important as approaching

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