The Importance Of Self-Interest In Real Life

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People do not live as sacrifices for others, nor do they live merely as parts of a machine functioning to bring out maximum happiness for the society, which is not essentially connected to individuals. One ought to pursuit their own best self interest. It’s worth noting, however, that self interest does not necessarily have to be limited to physical advantages, but personal benefits in general, which includes emotional and spiritual comforts as well.
The world consists of separate individuals; no matter how people claim to be connected to each other, it’s merely interactions among them with some emotions attached, which is part of the human nature. To any person, the only feeling that matters is his own; while he may be sympathetic sometimes, it’s merely because he has been emotionally attached to that person, not because what brings up his emotion truly matters. For instance, think of a novel that effectively connects the readers to its storyline and characters; people feel sympathetic towards characters in the story even though they are not real, and their circumstances clearly do not matter at all; everything is made up. To an individual, real life should be the same way, although it’s generally more realistic and they may be able to influence the events. Sympathy is desirable in many cases, one should deny the importance of sympathy since it can potentially cause a great deal of personal benefit by creating a comforting emotion, but it’s important that one realizes the

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