The Influence Of Self-Monitoring And Eating Habits

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With the gradually advancing technology, the quality of life has undergone a drastically change which either directly or indirectly influences the human nation in various ways including eating habit. People tend to have food presented with nice appearances, alluring smell, anything but nutrition level. For instance, kids and businessmen usually cannot resist fast food due to the unbeatable flavor and the satisfaction they are able to enjoy the meal immediately. However, many researches had found that, fast food may put a person 's health at risk if consumed often. As a result, obesity is one of the top causes of deaths worldwide. This is because obesity can lead to a lot of harmful diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol level,…show more content…
Self-monitoring includes observations based on eating habits and exercise pattern, which in return, followed with feedback towards those behaviors. The purpose of self-monitoring is to enhance self-awareness of target behaviors and results (Stephanie F. Yeager, n.d.). Self-regulation theory states that self-monitoring is superior when it comes to compare with self-evaluation, regarding to the progress made towards the person’s target as well as self-reinforcement (Lora E. Burke, 2011 ). Henceforth, well-developed self-regulatory skills are emphasized to undergo the process of changing behaviors, which is one of the key elements to lose weight successfully. Self-monitoring can be achieved withseveral technical approaches such as food diaries, regular self-weighing, exercise logs and also properly usage of equipment like pedometers, accelerometers and metabolic devices (Stephanie F. Yeager, n.d.). With the aid of the following methods, one can have a better vision over his or her progress for weight loss periodically as well as fitting in appropriate amendments precisely to acquire a more satisfying
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