The Importance Of Self-Regulation In Education

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Self-sufficiency is one of the main goals of education, however, these skills are not something people are inherently born with. Luckily, through the development of self-regulation, anyone can become less dependent when it comes to learning and completing assignments. Self-regulation is the self-directed process that enables students to be able to take responsibility for their actions, and these skills used to monitor one’s self-regulation must be developed over time. For students that lack these self-regulation skills, their external locus of control causes them to blame outside sources for any of their failures or shortcomings. However, if students are taught to self-regulate themselves, their newfound mental abilities are transformed into…show more content…
As a teacher, it is my responsibility to aid my students in developing the necessary skills that will further their self-regulated learning experience, and allow them to comprehend that using self-regulation strategies can directly influence their learning and grades. To do this, I would first have to select a behavior that I would like my students to be able to self-monitor, then collect baseline data to act as an objective benchmark for comparing pre and post strategy work, motivate my students to actively participate in self-monitoring, introduce the necessary procedures, allow my students to independently practice the strategies, and then evaluate how effective the strategy was for my students (Zimmerman, Bonner, & Kovach, 1996). These six stages of implementing self-regulation strategies into a classroom setting are vitally important as they benefit new teachers, such as myself; actualize the process of self-regulation among…show more content…
Upon reflection, it was apparent to me that this particular unit I was formulating is rooted deeply in reading and writing, and because of this, I wanted to provide my students, especially those who have a reading or writing disability, with self-regulation strategies that tie into the projects and assignments that I administer. One of the self-regulating strategies I selected, the venn diagram graphic organizer, directly relates to one of the components of my summative assessment, as my students will be asked to compare and contrast different cultural norms from the country of their choice and the United States. For third graders, it can be difficult to organize their thoughts before completing a writing task, but by filling out a graphic organizer, my students will be able to visually map out each point they plan on making in their paragraph. This will enable my students to monitor their writing practices for the specific summative assessment, but a venn diagram can also be applied to any other writing assignment that requires two topics to be compared and

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