The Importance Of Self Respect

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As a woman, you owe yourself a lot of things. You owe yourself rights, love, and a wonderful life. As a woman, you should never, and I say never let anyone relegate you for any cause, whether it may be your age, your race, or whatsoever. According to the 2014 UNICEF study, approximately 120 million of girls, under 20 years of age, have been forced in sexual intercourse or any other kind of sexual assault. Another study of The International Center for Research on Women shows that 70 million females around the world had been subjected to marriage before to their 18th birthday. Additionally, if these horrifying trends persist, 150 millions of girls will be housewives at such a young age over the next decade. Basically, that will be an average of 15 million girls every year. Meanwhile, you’re probably wondering “So? This happens every day, what can we do about it?” And this is where I tell you. Initially, every woman should develop self respect. Some people misinterpret the meaning of self respect. It is having the feeling of honor about yourself, your decisions, and your life. Having a sense of pride gives you the power to adore yourself for the genuine individual you are within, and not only for your looks or what you accomplish as a profession, or what you can do. When you can be glad for you who are, and trust that you have esteem as an individual, then you will be given as much respect as you give yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, no one will ever
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