The Importance Of Self-Service Technology In The Service Industry

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1. Rationale and Background

The numbers of the travelers have been increased in the world nowadays, people travel for leisure, business or event travel etc, they normally stay in the hotel, resort, and hostel. When the travelers increased drastically, the workload of the staff in hotels will increase as well. The waiting time for the guest will enhance directly, hotels should apply self-service technology to avoid low efficiency and they can use self-service technology as an innovation to attract customers that have interested in advanced technologies. For instance, the self-check-in kiosk is the most used method in terms of a self-service method in the hotel.

Self-service technology (SSTs) is a service delivery procedure that can decrease real waiting times and enhance service standard (Kokkinou & Cranage, 2013). Also, permit the guests to be served in the absence of the direct participation of service employees (Kucukusta, Heung & Hui, 2014).New technologies are being achieved in the service sector, and self-service technologies (SSTs) are growing being applied in the service delivery evolution. SST is one of the most frequent used and diffusely established technological connector (Kaushik, Agrawal & Rahman, 2015).

The method that the guests interface with service workers and technology changed the diffusion of self-service technologies. The diffusion of self-service technologies has changed the way customers interact with service employees and technology. SSTs

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