The Importance Of Senior Leadership

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Leadership Understanding how your organization’s senior leadership personal actions guide and sustain an organization important; they are the individuals that set the example for others to follow, their actions set the tone of the organization.
Senior Leadership
Senior leaders guide and sustain an organization; they communicated not only through words but with their actions as well. Vision, values and mission Senior leadership within the 603rd Air Communication Squadron set organizational values by building upon the Air Force Core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. The core values are the framework in which all Air Force activities take place and the foundation for all guidance, policies, and
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Often military members are put into a position of leadership regardless of their leadership training; it’s based upon rank. The Air Force works toward preparing leaders by mandating formal leadership training as service members’ progress through the ranks. Some training, if not taken seriously, meaning if you fail it can lead to not being promotion eligible or discharged from the service. It starts early in an Airman’s career and progresses until retirement. Members with the rank of Technical Sergeant and above can take a distance learning course, Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME). This course is designed to help Air Force member operate in a Joint environment; meaning with other military services such as the Navy and Army. Many bases hold their own Professional Development Seminars (PDS) that teaches leadership courses such as John Maxwell’s 360 degree leadership, which are open to all…show more content…
Ethical behavior are more than feelings and morals; in business behavior can be governed by law, ensuring organizations fulfilled legal obligations. Organizational governance Accountability is managed in a variety of ways in ACOMS using Air Force manuals, instructions, policy directives, and Uniform Code of Military Justice regulations. Accountability includes but limited to personal behavior, financial responsibility, property and equipment use. Any action a military member could possibly do, there is an established policy directing responsibility and accountability. In ACOMS one of the most common performance measures is through annual climate assessment surveys. The survey is designed to help leaders target trouble areas within the unit. The survey is designed to assess Airmen's opinions and perceptions on a wide range of topics including resources, recognition, job satisfaction and unit performance. The survey also includes major command-specific questions, and a chance for Airmen to make improvement recommendations through written comments (Air Force News, 2015, para

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