The Importance Of Sensationalism In Journalism

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“Sensationalism seems to sell more than wonderful positive news” -Michael Jackson. This observation by the King of Pop gained special significance upon the news of Princess Diana’s death in a car crash on 31 August 1997.The event was extensively covered by the world’s media. From Princess Diana’s family members to people all over the world, all uniformly held the media –the paparazzi responsible for the accident. Chances are that many others like Princess Diana often fall prey to sensational journalism. This issue should be rectified through discussions and debates and virtually arriving at a consensus. But if the media proves uncontrollable, penalties should be imposed so that every media house adheres to journalistic ethics and guidelines. Many indirectly advocate for media sensationalism under the cloak of Freedom of Expression. But one should remember that Freedom of expression does not give the journalists the right to distort the facts to make news more profitable and if that happens, it is desirable and necessary that they should be reprimanded. This will, in turn, make the fourth pillar of democracy more relevant. This will ensure that the journalist’s standard will be based on objectivity, will allow the public to form informed opinions, and create a more truthful atmosphere for discussions and debates. Journalists very often say that journalistic objectivity helps them to maintain the quality of their journalism, in spite the commercial pressure or their own

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