Head Teachers Motivation

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Also, performance of school teachers depend on how they are being motivated. When teachers are motivated, they are also inspired to motivate their learners as well as to do extra work without any command of their superiors.
Thus, every school needs a superior who will act not only as the manager but also as a leader, who will turn his/her every teacher to be a globally competent mentor. A leader who is willing to listen and learn with his/her co-teachers and respect others’ opinions. A leader who will make a better employee and who will bring the best of his/her employee.
Outputs of head teachers as leaders are seen and observed through the over-all performance of their own department. As for the school where the researcher belongs, the practice of competitiveness is highly demand. Each
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Hence, the school needs a program which will sustain the existing performance of the school.
Wherefore, this study aims to evaluate the leadership orientation and how these orientations act as the basis for the development program of head teachers.
Framework of the Study To be a good leader, one must start to be a follower as what Lao Tzu had quoted, “To lead people, walk behind them”. Thus, this study presented theories which focused on the definitions, ways, functions, concepts and orientation of a good leadership. The first theory is Transformational leadership which is a relatively new approach to leadership that focuses on how leaders can create valuable and positive change in their followers. James MacGregor Burns first introduced the concepts of transformational leadership when studying political leaders, but this term is now used when studying organizations as well. Burns described two leadership styles: transactional and transformational. Transactional leaders focus on gaining
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