The Importance Of Service Quality In The Hotel Industry

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Many studies have found that quality service provided in hotels has been recognized as a key aspect for affecting hotel’s valuable customers’ loyalty and hotel’s profitability (Kuo, Chang, Cheng, & Lai, 2013). In the recent years, hotel industry around the world has been expanding rapidly, thus many existing hotels implements extensive marketing strategies and promotion packages to entice return customers. Quality services provided by hotel operators will not only help increase customers’ satisfaction, but also result in the increase in customer loyalty (Ali, 2015). Each individual’s expectations for different types of hotel are subjective. However, the difference in hotel rating systems will also influence consumer’s expectations and eventually affecting the service perceptions. This essay will therefore explain how service quality will directly influence the hotel profitability and success. Service quality in the hotel industry is an important component that contributes to the success of each business (Orthodox & Krishna, 2015). Lovelock and Wirtz (as cited in Orthodox, Krishna, 2015, p5) defined service as “an act of performance offered by one party to another, and services are described by customers, using words such as experience, trust, feeling and security”. To increase the frequency of customers’ returns, service providers should recognize quality service as an important factor in raising customer loyalty (Kuo, Chang, Cheng, & Lai, 2013). Customer’s consumptions
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