The Importance Of Service Quality In Tourism

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update images on tourism sites to avoid giving potential tourists a negative impression, since destination images play an important role in promoting the destination and helping tourists to select a destination to visit.
Service quality at tourism destinations affects tourists’ behaviour and impacts service quality standards and brand names. Hospitality managers therefore have an important influence on customer’s decision-making about destinations (Taski and Kozak, 2006; Kusumastuti et al., 2011) by using attractive strategies to capture potential tourists. Objects such as symbols, signs, photos and designs constitute a brand in tourism management. These products and services aim to entice customers and influence their mind-set to travel to destinations. It is generally accepted that the brand is an influential asset to all organisations. Brands are used as strategies to sell. A good brand name is recognized for being a good quality product. Hosani et al. (2007) revealed that a good brand lowers the risk perception of customers and increases high trust and customer satisfaction. When trust exists between customers and organisations, customer loyalty behaviour is noticed. This contributes to the growth, success and organisational development of the destination (Crouch, 2011). Quality is always assured in services and tourism products when a quality brand image online attracts quality customers who are willing to spend money to purchase the products to the destination.
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