The Importance Of Setting In Film

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The setting that is portrayed in this film is a typical office setting which it symbolises. By using a very average, everyday setting, it enables us an audience to relate to this specific setting hence making it more believable to us as a audience. Why does it make it more believable? This is because in today’s society most people go to or work in an office making this apart of their daily lives making this type of setting very familiar to any sort of audience. It creates normality within a situation with the addition of the props normalising the entire situation. This sets up the settings for the film. ! Colour Palette: ! The colour palette in the film is very basic. It is mostly dull grey and black around the edges with both low key and soft lighting but only used in the middle where the main character stars. This suggests to the audience that the short film is set during the night suggesting that the main character could be working after work hours. The use of dark lighting to create a mood of loneliness for the actor as well as time of setting of at night. The dull lighting also reflects he grumpy mood of the character, whilst it also adds to the factor that the character is alone and aids us as an audience to anticipate what is going to happen. Using such lighting adds to the dramatic side of the short film itself. ! This bland colour palette does not draw any attention away from the central action that is taking place revolving around the antagonist. Iconography/Props:
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