Importance Of Sex Education In High School

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Alexa Williams
Professor Sarah Almond
College Composition
16 February 2017
Sex Education in High School
Many teenagers are uncomfortable talking about sex because they are not educated well on the subject. Almost all teens do not know about the risks of sex; infections and diseases could change their lives unexpectedly. Having sex education courses in schools would allow them to ask questions in a safe environment. Comprehensive sex education courses should be mandatory for high school students in order for them to understand how their bodies work. These classes would work to reduce teen pregnancy, disease and infection, as well as teach realistic forms of contraception opposed to abstinence.
Thorough sex education classes given to high school students reduce teen
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Sex can be dangerous and distracting. Teen pregnancy is always a risk even if forms of birth control are being used. Some girls who get pregnant do not complete or further their education. This prevents them from being able to give their future child the best opportunities. On the contrary, sex is natural and teenagers should not be penalized for engaging in sexual activities that our ancestors have been doing for centuries. People should however be aware of the consequences of sex and have the opportunity learn how to prevent situations they are unprepared for. For high school students to truly understand how their bodies work, an in depth sex education should be taught in order to properly inform them about how to be safe with their bodies and make smart decisions. Currently, teenagers know close to nothing about sex and the protection that goes along with it; this leads to infection and pregnancy at far too young an age. Sex education would help prevent these difficult situations from
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