The Importance Of Sex Education In School

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The article “Sex Education Should Be Taught In School by Zainuljumh” illustrates the benefits we can derive from having sex education from a trusted source. Sex education is an act of informing younger and adult generations about everything they need to know about sex. The author is optimistic and proponent to the importance of sex education as it can prevent younger generation from receive inaccurate information about sex especially from peers.

Firstly, teenagers’ curiousity about sex led them to dig deeper about it. At this particular point, younger generations should be taught on what is sex education is about and accurate information should be provided likewise what is sexual intercourse is, homosexuality, negative effects on sex and
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As media communication is evolving now, students may access to any sites that provides nude and pornography. In that case, schools played a big part in educating students about sex education as early as possible because they will eventually find out about sex as they grow up and being exposed by media and peers.

In addition, although some parents think that they have the most right in giving sex education to their children, yet, school do a better job influencing students and have more time to influence students. Some parents agreed that if sex education be taught at home, they, parents can also convey religious value but they also have the least time with their children compared to school. Undeniable that parents should give sex education to their children, aside from that, one who should strengthen the information received and making sure it is correct is school.

Over and above that, teenagers should learn from an educated and responsible adult because some of the parents constantly aren’t home. This is because, it is believed that there will always be bad influence from peers. It is better to learn from educated adults than learning it from media or their
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