The Importance Of Sex Education In Schools

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This study was carried out in order to prove that the topic of sex education should not be ignored as it is necessary for students to help understand the place of sexuality in human life . The purpose of this study was to identify the main differences in attitudes among male and female students of Vilnius University. The second aim of research was to discover how the presence or absence of sex education influenced students‘ opinion about the need for sex education in schools. 100 sudents of Vilnius University were questioned in this research. The results proved that both male and female students believe that sex education should be part of curriculum at schools. Furthermore, both students who have received sex education at school and those who have not, claim that sex education is necessary. These findings prove that sex education has a significant role in the development of children and should be obligatory in all schools. Sex education is an extensive term describing education about human sexual anatomy, reproduction and other aspects of sexual behavior. During different times people had various opinions about sex education and its role in our lifes. Teaching about sexuality is claimed to be necessary for people to gain knowledge, form attitudes, beliefs and values about relationships and intimacy. Therefore, many people consider that schools must provide young people with adequate sex education because ignorance can have negative consequences. Despite the fact

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