The Importance Of Imparting Sex Education

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Imparting sex education : What is the right technique to impart sex education? Should parents rely on sex education in school , or should they also have a role to play in educating the their children about sex?
1.) Parents should talk to children about sex.
2.) Parental guidance when watching movies with children.
3.) Teaching with children to protect when they have sex such as bring a condom in the wallet , etc.

Sex education should start early, before young people reach puberty, and before they have developed established patterns of behavior. Sex education is important thing for children because when children are growing up , they will try to learn new thing , It is true to learn, But parent should teach children about sex
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Young people get information about sex and sexuality from a variety of sources, including through the media including advertising, television, books and Web sites. Some of this will be correct and some incorrect. Providing information through sex education, so it's about finding out what young people already know and enhance their existing knowledge and correcting any misinformation they may have had. For example, young people may have heard that condoms are not affected with HIV or AIDS treatment (Turansky,and Miller,2014), it is important to provide the correct false beliefs. Without correct information young people can put themselves at greater risk, watch movies or do something with a better idea of teaching children about sex education, because I think the. the movie will be a part of the sexual and parents the best way to teach children may be said that a good thing or a bad thing about sex. If their children asked them about the actors / actresses who have sex parents should be advised about that and tell you. "Sex is a natural human" children can ask about that when children or elderly parents want to know. I think each person has several movies that are taught in life. But not everyone chooses to do something bad or something good for the film. Currently have campaigned for more sex because children today are behaviors that mimic what is and is not…show more content…
To find a good solution to protect children about sex education. As an playing sports, playing computer games , reading a book , shopping with friends or other activities that can distract, about sex education. The third thing make parents teach about sex education is taught to children to protect when they have sex in the future, such as bring a condom in the wallet , use condom when having sex. If you are sexually active, the best way to protect yourself against HIV and STI is to use condoms. The woman children can eat birth – control pill and Parents should say to them when they want to have sex. Maybe they must play sports , play computer games , relax or do something it can make they feel relaxed and make them do not want to have sex. Finally, the youth themselves should not be having sex at school age or sexual values in premature and will cause problems of unwanted pregnancy and can cause infections. sex In particular, the HIV Which would impair the future, and at this age they should be, because death is no cure for AIDS without. But prevented by wearing a condom when having sex every need. I think the kid wants to have sex is not wrong. However, parents should teach children about the right time of the sexual intercourse because the child needs to be in the age range 16-19 years, these children are learning and immature. This is not appropriate, but parents should be how to deal with children who want
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