The Importance Of Sexism In Society

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A lot of things come to mind when someone mentions sexism. The main topic addressed by the populous is women’s issues, but does one truly consider the issues faced by men? Does anyone stop to think about the stereotypes that men are forced to conform to? The answer can vary based on who responds, but if one general consensus were to be reached then it would be that these sexist standards are rarely addressed, or that they simply don’t exist. Americans need to take this call to action and use it to revolutionise the unrealistic standards set for male citizens of this country. What do we expect from men today? The populous can provide many responses to this question, yet general consensus is usually this: strong, athletic, and emotionless individuals…show more content…
In the media, women tend to be shown as sexual beings, there for pleasure and seemingly having no value to society. With this comes the idea that women are superficial, oversensitive beings that only live for drama and money. Belinda Luscombe, a journalist from Time magazine, wrote an article addressing these stereotypes, titling it “Kids Believe Gender Stereotypes by Age 10, Global Study Finds”. She discusses how in different countries there were different standards set for girls that were accepted by the time the children reached adolescence. When the boys were encouraged to play outside, the girls were encouraged to do chores. With this came the fact that beauty standards changed from place to place; in countries like New Delhi find the female body is deemed as shameful and made to be covered, but in the U.S. many women say that their bodies are considered their most valuable asset. This shows how standards have been enforced globally, albeit diversely, and have affected the way that we raise our children. Another article written by Alia E. Dastagir from USA Today described how gender stereotyping can lead to depression and violence in girls who conform to the standards set for them (USA Today “Gender stereotypes are destroying girls, and they’re killing boys, 2017). While these claims can be backed by the many articles on the subject, there is still overwhelming evidence of the unfair standards set for men, like the insensitivity and independence. As women are encouraged to defy the standards that are set for them, men are forced to embrace their standards and live up to them. If they refuse to stay within the set standards, then they risk being ridiculed. This is why male stereotyping needs to be
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