Sexual Appeal In Advertising Essay

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There are many appeals available to advertisers. Sexual appeals have been a part of marketing since the introduction of modern advertising (Korn, 2006). Some are informative, providing information about the offer, while others emotional, attempt to arouse emotions to the audience rather than to make them think. Sex appeal is an emotional appeal. It is obvious that its use in advertising is on the increase and it is widely used for all sorts of products in several countries (Veloutsou, Ahmed, 2005) Perception of sexual advertising for young men and women has been done for many years. Sexual advertisement is normally targeted for young men and women, although targeted for both men and women the way they perceive the advertisement is totally different from one another because for some women sexual advertisement that uses women as an attraction is something degrading and it shows that women are just an object of sex. According to University of New…show more content…
According to Brown. N.D Ads that feature sexual imagery can also cause distinctly different responses from the two sexes. Some ads are enjoyed by both sexes, but for different reasons. For example, a deodorant ad presented a girl preparing for a date while her boyfriend is coming up in the lift. It was an entertaining ad that performed well overall, but men and women found different parts interesting. Women keep an eye on the main elements of the story, while men showed peaks of interest only when the woman appeared in her underwear. This is the same for print advertising, women tend to look at the whole picture while men only concentrate at the half naked women. With that being said it is proven psychologically that men and women see the same thing but both think and focus on different
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