Sex Education In Islam

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Breaking taboos can build a healthy society Human sexuality is a complex topic to understand, where not only male sexuality, also female sexuality is to be concerned. Sex and sexuality is a natural fact. According to Ludwin Molina, an Associate Professor Social Psychology, from the University of California states that sexuality is the way we experience and we express ourselves as sexual beings ( Molina). Likewise, human sexual feelings should be expressed in such a way that would be helpful for both male and female in the society. However, expressing one’s sexuality depends on the moral and ethical values of that particular society, where an individual resides. Islam, one of the largest religions in the world, has its own rules and regulation…show more content…
Muslim Women should be aware of her sexual feelings and sexual rights, because Islam has declared male and female equal rights. Also, sex education in schools is important to avoid social violence. Sex education may alert young children to have knowledge on the cause and consequences of unprotected sex. Hence, Muslim experts in the light of Quran and scientists should encourage Muslim women to express their sexual desires, so that they could avoid any mental diseases, also sex education should be promoted in schools, to create a healthy…show more content…
Janet L Bauer, an Associate Professor of International Studies, says that woman also has some sexual desires, and she also has the right to ask her husband to fill the desire. In her article “Women in Islamic Society”, she writes that many Muslim women feel that showing some sexual feelings to their husbands is not acknowledgeable. Their husbands do not understand that they too have desires, regardless of giving births (Bauer 122). This articles shows that women are under estimated by their husbands. Author is trying to say that these Muslim male dominant societies do not give a stage to Muslim women where she could perform her best though expressing her own inner desires. These less educated Muslim women are being afraid of the shame of being called sluts. This is not any Quranic solution; we need to aware these people regarding their sexual rights. Generally people, think that woman can control her sexual feelings as compare to male. Why does a woman control her sexual feelings? Is it because she lacks confidence? We can convince these Muslim societies in the light of Quran, otherwise they will not accept such concepts regarding sexuality of a

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