The Importance Of Sexuality

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The sexuality is one of those harsh arguments in which people always had doubts, questions and taboos on the rightness or wrongness of acting in a certain way with your own body. Even today, we are led by an awkward way to approach it because of its privacy and its critical importance in everyday life. Over the centuries, concerning the development of this issue, in Western societies, it has been adopted an unsatisfactory way to approach, instead of facing it, it has been customary to avoid every type of discourse about sexuality.
The term sexuality it is usually used to take into account every type of sexual relation and this wide range of arguments had been a mystery for many centuries, currently, some of them are still unknown for many of us. Sexual tendencies and sexual deviations were, and sometimes they still are perceived as something which must be confined in the private sphere of an individual. Nowadays, this private sphere turned to be considered more as a “public issue”, indeed, even if indirectly, sexual behaviour and human sexuality are activities which are regulated by societies itself, through custom, religion and civil law. Most of the topics I’m going to discuss will be compared to the actuality; staring from Victorian age and their conception of sexuality, the comparison will cover the widest of the arguments this topic offers: from marriages to homosexuality and the important role the power-knowledge has inside our lives.
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