The Importance Of Shakespeare's Globe Theater

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Shakespeare’s Globe Theater: A Place for Everyone Do you know a place that provides cultural entertainment that is actually fun? Well if not, check out Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. In this theater, the audience is able to view Shakespeare’s plays unlike any other theater. They play house is still in its original design, meaning there is upper level seating for the upper class people and the ground for standing, which the lower class used to occupy. Today, anyone can buy tickets to any level and social class does not matter. The Globe Theater is a fun place for folks to visit while being able to witness Shakespeare’s work like the people of his time used to do. Shakespeare has written many plays and they have won the hearts of so many people. The reason why they are so popular with crowds is because they are so relatable. In some way, every aspect of a Shakespeare play will hit every audience member. His plays are full of love, anger, passion, betrayal, and so much more. It is no surprise that Shakespeare’s play, Othello, would please any…show more content…
The theater is set up the same, the plays are preformed the same, and the audience and performers all act the same. It’s like being transported back to Shakespearian times. Another reason why people would enjoy viewing a Shakespeare play is the connection they will feel to the characters. These plays are all filled with normal issues that everyone encounters during some part of their lives, like love, anger, jealous, and deception. The reality of any Shakespeare play and the connection from the character’s lives to the audience’s lives will instantly make the play that seem that much more real and will give the audience and experience they will never forget. People not only receive a great culture shock, but they might even learn a thing or two about themselves

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