The Importance Of Shocking Advertising

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Each day the average American is confronted with at least 5000 advertisements (Johnson 2014). Over time the diversity of advertising methods has drastically increased as advertising started with the ancient Greek and them carving public notices into steel. Fast forward to the present day advertising methods now ranged as far as giant billboards to global network promotion. The procedure of advertising is to promote or call attention towards a certain product or important issue, hence it is favourable for advertisement to stand out among the cluttered advertising environment. Consequently, advertisers are seizing every opportunity to draw attention even boldly using shocking images since the average advertisement is not eye-catching enough. However, it is controversial whether the method of shocking advertising is a necessity in today’s society. Due to the grand variety it is favourable for advertisements to stand out among each other. It is then crucial to catch the consumer’s attention, hence using different methods such as bold colours, a jingle or shocking images. Even Fogul (2002, as cited by Chan et al., 2007) claimed that advertisers are boldly balancing between a small degree of “edgy” and “offensive” to draw…show more content…
Shocking advertisements have the force of attraction due to their inappropriate display of images, thus making the advertisement stand out among each other due to their uniqueness. However, they are only unique because shocking ads do not convert with the typical advertising method, trying to cast the product in a positive light. In a shocking ad the product is consciously revealed in a negative light to emphasize e.g. health, environmental or political issues. Considering that, if shocking ads are overused, people will get desensitise, ultimately the method of using shocking images will lose its effect as it cannot set itself apart from the other advertisements
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