The Importance Of Shopping And Shopping

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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Research Background The survival of a business depends on how well a company knows and understands their customer. Zairi in Sharmin (2012) states “Customers are the purpose of what we do and rather than them depending on us, we very much depend on them.” (p. 17). Although a company is able to provide good products or services, nobody will buy it if people do not need it or believe that they do not need it. Without knowing the customer needs, it is difficult for companies to sell the right product to the right customers. Therefore, a successful company should know the wants and buying behavior of their target customers. In this modern society, time becomes more valuable as people are busy with their work, school, cooking, cleaning, and other activities. Consequently, people tend to become more selective in doing their desired activities. The shortage of time is not only a perception, but it has become a problem (The Economist, 2014). Due to the shortage of time, people are forced to prioritize their activities based on its importance and eventually sacrifice certain activities. Thus, people started to demand something that can be done efficiently and not time-consuming (Dahlstrom and Edelman, 2013). One of the activities that need to be more efficient and not time consuming is shopping. Shopping refers to the activity of purchasing goods from a certain store. This includes all activities in the shopping process such as searching for information,
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