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In the past, many people traveled over the world with a few reasons such as business, visiting relatives and experiencing something new. Traveling to other countries is not the biggest part of their life. However, as people have much interest in their leisure and spending quality time, there are many reasons to travel abroad. Shopping, one part of the tourism, has a great deal of weight. In this point, it is necessary for devising the marketing strategy of goods and services improvement as well as making the highest satisfaction of consumer to study on the trend of shopping style by each customer which came from. Greeting to customers with being perfect speaking at their language is the best way to sell and offer the service. Even though he…show more content…
Japan is really famous for gift wrapping industry and flower arrangement. It means something to give is big thing to Japanese people and they give it to other people with bottom of their heart regardless of the size of item or value of it. It is a good example that after putting the item into the box, they tied a band or taped the string up to help bring it for customers. Even it is rainy outside, they prepare some plastic bag for wrapping items not to be wet walking into the rain. This thing is something trivial and sometimes cannot understand what they did for other people’ view. But from the beginning of consideration of customer, they build a trust and make a network with people. Last, Overstaffing in retail shops is the same line with the notion: we might be always someone to attend in case. Japanese are willing to pay a premium price for extra cost they gave when they are earned form more product quality and information such as service, packaging, brand image and advertising in making a decision and assessing the quality. Plus, after selling the item, a sales person is going with their customer to the door and saying goodbye with bowing their head and then he or she stay there at least 5 second to see the customer leaving the store. It is polite and considerate towards their

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