The Importance Of Shyness

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Shyness refers to the anxiety due to the novelty and is characterized by avoidance conflict in such situations (Coplan& Weeks, 2009). Shyness is something that all people experience in different situations. In many Asian, German, and Finnish cultures, silence is golden and is viewed as a good personality trait because people believe in speaking less and thinking more. In some societies, shyness might be regarded as a different quality of personality trait in different genders. A woman’s shyness might be regarded as an attractive quality along with gentle, modest, or perhaps flirtatious, whereas it might be seen in a man as a sign of weakness or a lack of appropriate assertiveness (Crozier, 2001). 2. Research Question Most of the previously…show more content…
All items in the questionnaires were based on a 5-point Likert scale ranging from never or almost never to always or almost always. Oxford (1990) developed a scale which reflects the level of strategy use: 1) high usage (3.5 – 5.0), 2) medium usage (2.5 – 3.4), and 3) low usage (1.0 – 2.4). Items such as "I think of relationships between what I already know and new things I learn in the SL", " I say or write new SL words several times to understand unfamiliar SL words", "I make guesses", "I try to find as many ways as I can to use my SL", "I think about my progress in learning SL", "I ask questions in SL" and so on are sample statements used in the questionnaire.The internal consistency reliabilityof the Farsi written questionnaire was…show more content…
It has 12 items with a 5-point Likert scale from 'Strongly Disagree' to 'Strongly Agree'. The items available are meant to measure students’ agreement level with statements depicting intolerance of ambiguity in given situations; for example, "When I’m reading something in English, I feel impatient when I do not totally understand the meaning" and "It bothers me that I don’t understand everything the teacher says in English". Values above the mean of 3 indicate the least ambiguity tolerant learners, those equal 3 are mid ambiguity tolerant, and those below 3 are the most ambiguity tolerant learners. The internal consistency reliability for SLTAS was

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