Shampoo Commercial Luxury: A Semiotic Analysis Of Hip Hop Culture

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Semiotic is everywhere

Semiotic is in every fiber of our being when we communicate and understanding one another by using signs. That’s how cultures are form by the way we convey our message. Signs are vague; and try to interpret signs will flaw perception can limit ones understanding to be open to others meaning that not of them. A symbol may stand for something within a group of people in America, then something else to another group South America.
Language is made up of words that produce signs that bring likeminded people together with commonality within a culture, society and religious sects. For example, the hip hop culture resonates with the young people born in the generation x and y. Hip Hop music has various genre of song that
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Background music women voice chants, “how does it feels to rinse yourself in luxury, how does it feels to rinse your hair in luxury” ask a question to a beautiful blond that was gazing at her reflection. I can compare the music sound back ground and short adaptation of the commercial liken unto a Walt Disney animation film in communication theory we will call it, “Intertextuality”. Opening scene it looks dreamy, rich and live in paradise where she is charm by her appearance in the pond reflection and running across a bridge in a ball dance and her hair curls and luxurious as she reaches for her crown in the trees setting. A flash back to how she got all her luminousness. To gain this result you can trust the leading lady who is a beautiful blond look like a classical movie star or fairytales princesses, this commercial can be compare to most of Disney leading lady like Cinderella and Aurora has beautiful blond hair. The advertisement is targeting their shampoo luxury to the female’s population who has brought into the lies to be beautiful must be blond so you will have married a charming prince must prosses these qualities. Fairytales beauty vs. natural beauty in business wants their product prell to sell so they must convince consumer there is a need to buy this product. Words like luxury and seeing yourself in the advertisement will make you a…show more content…
The background change with the same woman voice in music in the open scene, the woman sing a chant referring the product watery (signified a running water) represent the cheap shampoo the sound bouncy. The rich shampoo is liquid Prell is extra rich and thick and image of tear drop prell shimmering on the screen. As the narrator continues to speak each drop burst in 1000 of latter the image changes the fame into white subs. The women sign extra clean and the tone sound clear and cheerful. And the image of prell commercial gets dreamier and alluring. The narrators said is increase the beauty of your hair strands sound like a hair specialist convincing his clients to buy and tried prell. The films were in black and white have a circle frame the main items like the lady, prells and hands. The ladies end the live brand chants song saying Liquid prell is the color of liquid emerald live your hair, extra rich prell leave your hair soft shimmery. The image of how she looks in the beginning as a princess with a crowd on with a million dollars

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