The Importance Of Silence In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Certain fears prevent others from causing a certain action in life, avoiding to be next to something or someone, or fear can get to a point to make someone remain silent. Meanwhile, silence is something that many people don’t consider that important. Maybe silence may not be a big deal. But in reality, silence is something that can mean a lot and can affect others in many ways over time. During the Holocaust, many of the Jews have noticed that they have changed over time. As much as Jew’s wanted to speak for themselves, or even save others, this wasn’t possible due to their fear of winning them causing silence. In the Elie Wiesel’s memoir, Night, shows how Wiesel’s experience was during this harsh time in his life as a teenager. During this experience, Wiesel discovers how others, also including him, decided to remain silent as a result of their fear, causing some choices to be avoided and not made. To sum up, Wiesel’s experience portrays that fear always wins and causes others to be silent. Throughout this experience, Wiesel meets another person who is going through the same situation as him. Wiesel, along with a French girl both portray how both of them couldn 't express how they feel and what they want to say due to their silence caused by fear. As shown in the novel, Wiesel writes “I knew she wanted to talk to me but that she was paralyzed with fear” (53). Based on what Wiesel describes the French girl, shows how the French girl was traumatized after what she saw what
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