The Importance Of Singing

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Singing is a universal language. It is a way of human’s self-expression. A way in which you can show your emotion, idea, feelings, enjoyment and satisfaction. From the article of journal week, some feel personal satisfaction when singing because it is a fun way to express themselves or perhaps internalize the song. Singing is defined as the production of musical tones by means of the human voice. The parts of the human body, specifically the lungs, voice box, larynx, stomach, the tongue and lips are also used in this manner, which is coordinated in the establishment of vocal technique and made to interact upon one another. The songs incorporate many aspects of cultural or social identity, including nationalism, political affiliation and religious beliefs. Singing can help with integration, inclusion and also can give development opportunities of a person who desires for freedom from poverty. From the musical point of view, singing is a good way of training the sense of hearing and sight to better appreciate the elements of music such as rhythm, harmony, melody, expression and others. The process of singing and learning from it can both develop the motor skills and thinking skills of an individual by learning the tune and flow of the song as well as to analyze its message and interpretation. Studies show that singers who can’t sing well can determine musical notes completely well, and they also have vocal ranges similar to professional singers. All they really lack is
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