Single Motherhood Research Paper

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Students’ experience a lot of hardships to have a college degree, especially single mothers. They have to be student and a mother at the same time.
Early pregnancy and early parenthood is being common today. In the Philippines, according to Trade Union Congress of the Philippines as of 2012, there are at least 13.9 million Filipino single parents. No exact figure for single mother alone was shown. Single parents have the same amount of responsibilities as a dual parent in their families. Due to this, most of the time, the education of the mother has to suffer to give way to the coming out of the baby down to the guidance of their child.
According to Institute for Women’s Policy Research (2013), educational achievement for single mothers benefits
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The researcher had a group of mothers who had their first child when particularly younger or older than average. This article highlights the classed dimensions of normative discourses about the timing of motherhood and draws attention to the lifecourse dis-synchronicities which these two groups of women faced around becoming a mother, especially the older group for whom this had important intergenerational consequences.
The study of Anctil, Ishikawa and Scott (2008) has 19 self-determined and high achieving participants. Through interview, they illustrate how persistence influences competence; that influences their career decision making and enhances self realization and supports one’s academic identity.
Deci, Vallerand, Pelletier and Ryan (2011) conducted a study of self determination theory when applied to realm of education. The results suggest it results to high quality learning and conceptual understanding; as well as enhanced personal growth and
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Therefore, the researcher would like to explore the self determination of a single mother in finishing their college education here in the Philippines, to be able to find out how determined they are, and their motivation in finishing their education.
The importance of this study is to be able to understand the determination of single mothers to finish their college education despite the absence of the father of the child and having a child.
The study would like to answer the following questions: What is the level of determination of these single mothers; how determined are they that they are going to finish their education; How do they manage their time for school and their child; What’s pushing them to finish college; Up to what extent are they willing to sacrifice for their education and their child; Why do they want to finish

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