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In the era of 21st century , life has become much more easier and advance . people now are more civilized and it all happened due to the education. So education is like a future key for every young gene like us. To get education, one has to enroll in the school , a school is a small group of society where it consist of number of students with two different type of gender, male and female. People do have a notion that boys and girls should study in different school rather than attending the same school or class, so that the learning would be effective and more knowledge would be obtained. Though singer gender may learn more effective without any distraction but later on it will lead to the social problems. So, both gender should attend the…show more content…
More over the students learn more effectively when attending mixed school because of different skill acquired by both the gender. So they can teach each other. According to longitudinal Pediatric Neuroimaging studies by a team of neuroscientists from the National Institute of Mental Health (1007), various brain regions develop in different sequences and tempo in girls compared with boys. For example, occipital lobe is mostly associated with visual processing- show rapid development in girls than in boys. So learning together will be effective as they can share the things that they know.
So to sum up my point, even though some agree to have separate school for both the gender, one has to think for the long run advantage. It is because as mentioned above it would bring chaos in the life after they complete their school. The working agencies would then become very challenging for them as they would be having difficulty exchanging their opinions. So to prepare ourselves from all the difficulties that we would face in the world after the graduation it is very important that we study in the mixed
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