Rome: Did Romans Meet The Common Good

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Introduction Are the Romans meeting the common good? Common good is when everything is fair to everyone. They could either meet the common good, somewhat meet the common good, or not meet the common good. Lets see if the Romans did a good job meeting the common good. Promoting The Rule Of Law When it comes to promoting the rule of law, the Roman Republic should have worked harder. The grade that they deserve is a C. That is not a very good grade. The way that they set up their rules and laws were not fair to everyone. Most of the free men had a lot of rights, but slaves and women didn't have very many. Women, slaves, or non-citizens could not vote. Women also weren't allowed to plead in court.--But everyone else could! Now…show more content…
Women weren't allowed to do many jobs and weren't capable of doing many jobs so that wasn't really fair to them. Most people had slaves, and most people were farmers. This means there was a lot of slaves in Rome! Anyway, they grew an assortment of grains, olives, and grapes, and many other things. They didn't just grow these things to eat, they also grew them to trade with other people for different things. You see, they love to trade and traded all the time. Not just farmers traded, everyone traded. They were even willing to sail overseas to trade with people from North Africa, Spain, and many other far away places. The Romans traded a lot because their greatest concern was that they wouldn't have enough food to feed everybody. But everything turned out to be well. With too much food, and not enough money, the government had decided that it would be OK if the Romans paid ½ of their taxes in money and the other ½ in food. This actually helped because not as many people went to jail for not paying their taxes, and it also created a lot of food storage for the colder seasons when they couldn't grow as many crops. Supporting the economic system isn't just based on farming and trading. Jobs, and money also tie into supporting the economic system. For example, many rich people made businesses making clothes and tools in factories. But since most people…show more content…
One of the reasons (a quite good one) why they have earned an A on this topic is because they have created an aqueduct system. The aqueduct system is a waterway that flows the water easier, faster, and cleaner. After they built the waterway, everybody stopped getting sick as often because they were drinking cleaner water. As you can see, this was a very move. Good Job! In order for the water to get to Rome, they had to connect pipes underground to have a steady flow of water without ruining anything above ground. The pipes went through highlands, and valleys. Did you know that in Rome, more water flows per person than in New York today! Thanks to the smart brains of the Ancient Romans! Anyhow, after the Roman army won the war, they decided to build bridges, roads, and other helpful transportation devices. There once was a saying that Every road leads to Rome.” I am not quite sure what that means, but it sounds like a good
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