Compare And Contrast Turner And Harriet Tubman

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What was the south all about? Cotton was not the only crop grown in the South, but it was sure the crop that fueled the Southern economy. Southerners began saying ''Cotton is king'' because cotton became so populated that they would choose it over Industry. The cotton gin was a compact machine that removed seeds from cotton fibers. The value of enslaved people increased because of their key role in producing cotton and sugar. Tubman met many abolitionists who shared her desire to bring Southern slaves to the North. Enslaved people, for the most part, resisted slavery by working slowly or by pretending to be ill. They also just had few legal rights. The laws in the Southern states became more and more severe each day for the enslaved people.…show more content…
Nat Turner was a popular religious leader among his yellow slaves and he had taught himself to read and write. He led a group of followers on a brief and that resulted in the death of at least 55 whites. Also, Harriet Tubman courageously made 19 trips back into the South during the 1850s to help other enslaved people escape and cause of that she was known as the ''Moses of her people'' for leading slaves to freedom in the North. Federick Douglass was also an African American leader who was born into slavery and gained freedom when they fled to the North. Whoever got to the North was pretty much lucky cause getting to the North was impossible, especially from the Deep South. Many African Americans and relied on Harriet Tubman to survive in the North. She helped so many people in need by opening a center for the sick in 1896 and she also continued to support civil & women's…show more content…
It also was harsh for every slave that had to work every day till the sun goes down and even the children that were at least 10 had to work. As stated in the text, ''Between 1830 and 1860, life under slavery became even more difficult because the slave codes—the laws in the Southern states that controlled enslaved people—became more severe.'', that basically describes their whole amount of their slavery life that they suffered so much. But some people fought against slavery even thought it was slightly impossible to do that. I still oppose slavery in the South because all these things they went through is so terrible and no matter what I wouldn't want any slavery for anyone because I know for a fact that I wouldn't want to be treated like a
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