Essay On The Importance Of Sleep

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As people, we have grown accustomed to falling asleep whenever we feel exhausted or drowsy after a long day. However, many individuals never ponder why we go to sleep, as it has become a part of our daily routine. Many researchers have speculated five reasons for why sleep exists. These five reasons are that sleep protects us, helps us recuperate, restores our memories, feeds our creative thinking, and supports our growth. When looking at each reason separately, sleep has been shown to benefit our distant ancestors by protecting them from hazardous paths once darkness ensued. Instead of foraging into the night with minimal resources to help them, our ancestors used sleep to avoid traveling in the dark and potentially getting in harm 's way. Besides protection, sleep has also been shown to help people recuperate by renewing the immune system and fixing brain tissue. The amount of sleep one obtains allows the resting neurons in the body to repair themselves, while weakening the unused connections between others. In addition, researchers believe…show more content…
I analyze the importance of sleep to be more than just a way to blissfully restore my body after a long, endless day, but a classification of how sleep is a gateway to multiple components that cooperate together to work as a single function. The reasons behind the existence of sleep even goes beyond the depths of sleeping in the night time, but also relate to how people, including myself, take naps throughout the day to help restore and replenish themselves to promote better development. Even though it is for a shorter period of time, it does give the body and mind time to rebuild itself to its best potential before proceeding with the rest of the day. Overall, sleep serves numerous functions, but they all are intertwined with one another to create a singular purpose to help better the mind and

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