Argumentative Essay: Should We Use Cell Phones In School?

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Have you ever considered the amount of productivity, responsibility, blocking of confusion, and the amount of satisfied office workers cell phones can make happen in schools. Well, if you are a principal cell phones could make everyday life at your schools a lot easier. ¨Using smartphones for on-the-fly research during class is a start. ¨ But a good next step is having students gather pertinent information and then learn ways to analyze the validity of their sources.¨ (centerdigitaled)
About 90% of my classmates use electronic devices at home for visiting social media sites, gaming, watching videos, and more inappropriate activities. ¨ Their using this stuff anyway-let's teach them how to use it productively,¨ says Matt Cook ,an educated
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Students will develop a new routine with phones, one key part of the routine will be putting their phone on mute. This means that the students would not be distracted when they get text or calls. On a text message, there is a switch where the students couldn't even see their incoming texts. There for, they will not be tempted to respond to texts because they won’t have any idea when they get one. This proves that the students could not be distracted when doing their class work. ¨When necessary, teachers could combat cheating by making students put their phones on “airplane mode” or any mode that will not allow them to send/receive any messages or use the Internet¨. According to This proves that cell phones are outstanding responsibility coaches…show more content…
There is a great chance a stampede of guardians would come rushing to the school to see if their child was okay. This may damage the school, cause serious injuries, and confusion. If the students had cell phones they could notify their parents that they are alright. Also, if the students did not have cell phones there could be children trying to get to the office to call their parents. If a student was overly worried they could leave their classroom in an emergency situation. It would put the student in grave danger. If something happened to the student this would cause a parent to sew the school. In my opinion That money could be used for greater things to benefit the
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