The Importance Of Snacking Habits

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As a teenager in high school, I’ve always wondered if others snack as much as I do, I typically eat three to four small snacks a day like a banana, goldfish or some tortilla chips. As I was eating those snacks I thought it would be cool to see how many snacks someone ate a day and compare them to my snacking habits. While thinking of a dependent variable I thought that the easiest way to find answers to my questions would be to figure out how much teenagers consume beverage and food in-between main eating times such as morning, noon and evening. Sometimes people graze throughout their day but others stick to scheduled meals, many things can contribute to their individual snacking habits. I plan to explore this topic in greater detail that contribute to the amount of snacking an individual does.
When researching the topic I found multiple studies on snacking. One that stood out to me was one that analyzed how prevalent snacking was in our lives as well as how healthy snacks should be chosen over convince. In this study, they collected data each year with the mean number of snacks consumed, grams of snack, and the mean energy intake from these snacks that were computed as well as the contribution of snacking to total energy and fat intake. With this, they chose twenty-one thousand two hundred thirty-six children between the age of two and eighteen years of age. They concluded that snacking increased in all age groups as well as the snacking occasions but quick options were

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