The Importance Of Soccer In The World

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The beautiful game, is an appropriate name for soccer because of its ability to bring even the most opposite people or nations together. On Christmas Eve in 1914, in the middle of World War II, soldiers from England and German lay cold in the man-made trenches yet another year is set to pass of continuous fighting. It wasn’t long until the soldiers raised banners trying to get a temporary truce for a friendly game of soccer. After both sides accepted the truce and cleared the field of fallen comrades, they partook in an end to end game of soccer; taking a break from the violence. After the game the soldiers exchanged presents and gathered together to celebrate a united Christmas Eve. For a few precious moments there was peace on earth. After the game many soldiers didn’t want to continue fighting the friends they had just played a friendly game of soccer against. Soccer can bring the best out of people and create bonds between those watching and playing regardless of which side someone is on. Soccer can unify those around it and has done it on many more examples than this famous example. However, soccer also has the ability to separate us by highlighting our differences rather than our similarities. A common way that we are being separated by our differences is through racism and prejudice. In “Racism in the Premier League” by Jack de Menezes, states that there were 258 arrests in the Premier League in the past 13 seasons just for racist chanting. This isn’t even counting
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