The Importance Of Social Advertising

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It has been observed that PR agencies leverage the popular combination of Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media (also famously known as the PESO model) to run campaigns for clients.
While there is evidence that social advertising is treated as a separate function within a company, PR pros are still waking up to its relevance despite being leveraged by all. Like it or not, the social domain for marketers is a space where no hard and fast rule applies. Treating social channels as key part of PR or marketing assumes importance as it transforms the implications of the interactions and the results derived out of it.
It has been observed that many companies consider the social efforts as part of PR due to the dynamic nature of the interaction between
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When different social channels are an integral part of the ‘shared’ piece, it is important to consider a PR strategy that include a paid component as well.
Growth in online advertising expenditure
Research shows that by 2017 the online advertising spending will surpass the TV advertising expenditure and touch $75 billion. It further stated that online ad expenditure will be driven by mobile advertising with mobile videos expected to post handsome growth figures.
With the online advertising domain expected to reap heavy profit and the demand for paid media to become an essential part of the overall messaging strategy, the question that assumes relevance is which social channels are best positioned to maximise the impact?
• Facebook with broadest audience base
Selection of a social channel is dependent on the audience you are targeting. But, the most obvious platform that is commonly leveraged by all is Facebook. The social network has strong influencer base and hence creating a strategy that works keeping the nitty gritty in mind is important. In fact, in this regard considering a paid strategy can come in handy to create a quick impression on the
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Snapchat Partners, which connects 20 large tech companies, makes it possible for brands to purchase ads and communicate stories. Since advertising quality is of utmost relevance to Snapchat, the platform wants to ensure that today’s tech-savvy audiences leverage the platform to its maximum potential that was beyond anticipation until some years back.
Moreover, the program has been divided into separate categories – creative partners and ad partners – with the aim to ensure that Snapchat marketing is used as the preferred tool for connecting with the consumers.

As Snapchat is committed towards developing a sustainable business model, the recent updates are expected to help the marketing pros and PR firms by offering dynamic storytelling formats.

• Video sharing on YouTube
The PR argument is based on simple logic. Two-way communication lies at the heart of public relations. The onus lies on PR companies to create awareness about their clients’ business/brand leveraging the traditional and new media sources. In this regard, video sharing platform like YouTube enacts multiple roles - initiate/implement campaigns, responding to crisis, brand extension,

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