The Importance Of Social Class

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In a world with an increasingly competitive society built on fame and the pressure to succeed, one of the major struggles would include social class. Though in my personal experience from the people I meet, not a lot of them give the topic much thought, in fact, they usually excuse it, yet you can see the anxiety in their eyes, considering what their social class means to their future. The mindset of people today evinces the fact that people think the class they are in will determine their future jobs and lifestyles. Countless people tell me that they do not think they will make it in whatever careers they strive to end up in because of their hauntingly unstable financial situation or the intimidating pressure of society. While getting lost in the struggles of life, people not paying enough attention to this daunting, veracious problem ingrained in society and culture keeps me awake at night. However, our social and financial status should not decide our worth, instead God defines us. Evidently, the mercilessness woven in social class needs to change before we can all thrive for a better world. All regarding social class, a mix of historical individuals, attitudes, and personal experiences prove the urgent need for change.

While the initial idea of separating people into social classes for organization might have started out innocently, it ended up creating fissures between the three distinct classes, most blatantly between upper and middle class versus lower class. As

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