The Importance Of Social Class In 1984 By George Orwell

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1984 by George Orwell makes several statements about control, security, and how governments should treat their citizens. However, a reader can also look at chapters 1-7 of the book as a statement on social classes and how the government keeps everyone in a certain social class.

What values does the work reinforce?
The book is mainly about control of the government. One form of control is keeping people in the poor and working classes. The book reinforces how all the citizens are in the same social class, “ ‘I wanted to ask you whether you’d got any razor blades,’ he said...Everyone kept asking you for razor blades” (Orwell 63). This quote shows how the working class has equal opportunity and all has the same products. The upper class or the government has more opportunity to get the products since they are more available to them than to the working class. Another example of this idea is the food, “ ‘Nex’, please!’ yelled the white-aproned prole with the ladle. Winston and Syme pushed their trays beneath the grille. On to each was dumped swiftly the regulation lunch” (Orwell 64). The government gives out regulation lunches to the working class since it is all the same for each person, while the upper class has better food. The upper class get better food and products than the working class that is actually helping the country grow. The upper class controls what is given to the lower class and even cuts down on what or how much the lower classes get, “It appeared that

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