Extended Family Structure

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Family structure and class has changed immensely over the years. In the past people judged you mostly on your race instead of your social class and they would marry other people that were only in their own race. Now we see so many families that have interracial children due to their parents being from different races. Which is why in the present people tend to judge others based on their social class rather than their culture. Where we are in the social class is important to society and should be carefully thought about when we are making any kind of decision for our family and future. The economy has been changing exceedingly and it has become much harder to get a well paying job with just only a high school diploma. We not only have to have…show more content…
Families of the higher classes are majority of white people who are able to provide more for their children because of thing they have access to money, technology, tutors, and private lessons. Families of the middle and lower class are asians, blacks, and latinos who may not have or can afford these things with the income that they receive. Children with high class parents will more than likely go to a four year college of their choice through the help of their parents connections. Children with middle class parents with most likely go to a two year college then transfer to a four year one or they land a scholarship. On the other hand, children with low class parents are more likely to join a gang than to go to college. It is like this because high class children uses their money and connection to achieve higher in life and middle class children have access to a better education than the lower class. The reason to why the higher and middle class are more likely to go to college than the lower class is because lower class children are not given the same education as the others. “It’s not possible for many street kids working class to benefit education. They’re incapable of learning to read a write and why are we spending time on this?” (Robinson). He is…show more content…
Families of the minority, the parents would rather have their children working than for them to go to college, so that they can take care of the family. Parents who are the minority might hold their child back from excelling in life because they think that their children do not want to help with taking care of their family. With only having a high school diploma it will only be able to get you so far with a job that barely gets you by. If someone from the working class wants to get a better paying job they would have to go back to school and get a college degree. Interviewers look at how far the people have gotten with their education and to see if they are qualified to work for them and if you only have a high school diploma and not having a degree they will most likely not hire you and go with someone who does have one. The parents do not realize that if they let their child got to college that it will help their family for the better since when their child does get a degree they would be qualified to find a well paying job. While thinking about class, culture, and family, you also tend to think about where their family came from and who were they raised by, how were they raised. We judged each other on our appearance, our hometown, and our social class. If you come from a high class family we think they are snobs, if you came from a bad city we quickly

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