The Importance Of Social Class In Society

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Family structure and class has changed immensely over the years. In the past people judged you mostly on your race instead of your social class and they would marry other people that were only in their own race. Now we see so many families that have interracial children due to their parents being from different races. Which is why in the present people tend to judge others based on their social class rather than their culture. Where we are in the social class is important to society and should be carefully thought about when we are making any kind of decision for our family and future. The economy has been changing exceedingly and it has become much harder to get a well paying job with just only a high school diploma. We not only have to have a high school diploma, but also some kind of college degree, so we can be consider to be hired for a well paying career and/or owning our own house. In Carbone and Cahn article they state, “Women used to “shop around” for successful men. Male executives used to marry their secretaries, who would take care of them at home the way they did in the office.” (Carbone and Cahn 79).That shows that in the past most men would marry women that they thought would not work and would make a good housewife. As for the women and them “shopping around for successful men”, it seems like the women only saw the successful men as potential mates so they could live in a high social class than they were born into. However, they also stated, “At the top,
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