The Importance Of Social Communication

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Human beings are affable individuals and have developed many ways to transmit our messages, opinions and feelings with others. The fact that some people are better 'social interactors ' than others has led to detailed investigations into the nature and function of interpersonal interaction Social skills are said to be influenced by both verbal language and the way we use it - tone of voice, volume of speech and the words we choose - as well as by more subtle messages such as body language, gestures and other non-verbal communication methods. People with more and better relationships become centre of attraction and charismatic. Moreover they will be looking forward for advancing career prospects. Some children have self-control, and others have quick tempers. Some are natural leaders, while others are withdrawn. The environment can play an important part in shaping a child’s social development. children with better social skills have a significant advantage in life. They not only experience the rewards of positive relationships, but they do better in school, have a better self-image, and in general, are much more resilient as they face life’s inevitable challenges


Social communication is a “language” and children are born with differences in their ability to learn this language, just as they have other learning differences. Many children who have trouble in social skills choose the incorrect strategy for interacting with
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