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Human connection is an essential component to keep our world stirring in a happy and healthier way. Zernitsky’s artwork illustrates a handful of individuals coming together to distribute a bigger and brighter purpose for the world. Hands signify assistance and this hand full of individuals assist the world in generating social connection. Growing up, being socially connected has not solely been a contribution but it has become a part of me. I have always believed there was something indescribably wonderful about being a part of a classroom of individuals who are linked together for the same purpose. That purpose is to build social connection even if they are unaware of it. I have always taken delight in encircling myself in the presence…show more content…
Abina noticed I was struggling and quietly chuckled. I could not help but also conform to laughing at my incapability to tie a bow. She delivered her assistance with a wholehearted smile and our golden discussion arose from there. Abina resembled me a lot. She wanted to acquire her doctoral degree, she relished the moon, we were drawn in by the same ribbon designs, and shy when first approached, but an open book stored with vital information ready to overload you when picked up off the shelf. She guided me into a whole new lifestyle, an obscure world. She introduced me to the complexities of her everyday life when she used to reside in Ghana. She resided in the rural area where the village life remains prehistoric. A limited number of individuals have the privilege of running water and electricity in their homes. Others with disadvantaged circumstances carry water in buckets on top of their heads from the most proximate pipeline or stream. Washing must be accomplished by hand and cooking must be made over fire. Waking up to a limited amount of water, electricity, healthcare, and education were complex mechanisms faced each day for Abina. Most Ghanaians do not have access to the privileges that individuals in the United States take for granted each day. In my everyday lifestyle, there is an over utilization of water among the population.…show more content…
I approached this difference in lifestyle by sinking into an immense awakening. I became more appreciative of what I had in my possession once I realized the hardships other individuals like Abina

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