Essay On Importance Of Social Engineering

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What is social engineering? Why do we need to know about it, and why is it so important to be aware? This paper will help people understand the importance of awareness in our day-to-day activities, and why people use social engineering to obtain personal information. We have all experienced social engineering in on way or another; we just may have not realized it. I will be giving person incidents that I have heard, or have happen to me, or people that I know. Social engineering is where people manipulate or tricking other people into providing them with personal information. According to our reading malicious people will use deception or false information in order to gain peoples trust, for that personal information that normally people wouldn’t give. By providing this information to these attackers, it leaves the…show more content…
Also, on the Norton site they talked about social engineers using the victim’s emotions for their attacks, for example they will give the victim a scary scenario where the victims reacts instead of think first. Why should we need to know about these issues? Why is important to be aware of it? We should know about social engineering, because it can happen to anyone. We are all vulnerable to be victims in one way or another. The more information we have the more we are able to protect ourselves from social engineers. The social engineers are good because there will be times that you have no idea they are trying to attack you. By the time you realize that it was a social engineer it could be to late. There are different types of social engineering. The main ones are phishing, vishing, baiting, pretexting, and quid pro quo. These are only a few examples of social engineering. I will be going into more detail on some
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